I've been painting since I was sixteen.  A friend's father was an artist and had a
box of paints.  My friend said do something with these, so I did.  Never went to
school for it: I am a primitive.
      I painted for fourteen years or so.  Bought into the whole Hunter Thompson cum
Dharma Bums art-for-art's-sake pseudo bohemian bullshit.  It was fun to believe.  I
painted in a drunk, abstract, automatic style and had a small, demented following.  
My paintings 'had faces in them'.  Didn't know then what pareidolia was.  Later still,
from taking film classes, I learned the term  'aleatory'.  That described the process
and how the paintings evolved.
      After years of painting and writing and living like a beatnik, I looked around and
saw the benefits of worldly possessions, so I took seven years off from painting and
called it an hiatus.
      In 2001 I came off my hiatus.  I painted for months, over a hundred paintings...
Cannibalizing what didn't work, and my style changed, became more minimalist
Rothko-esques.  Some folks assumed it was a form of therapy.  I didn't put analyze
or put any labels on it until at a show, a young French woman asked what the
paintings meant.  Having some background in psychology and a liberal arts degree,
I strung together a rationale, drawing parallels between metaphysics, psychology,
and religion, Gnosticism, subconscious projection, and archetypal images.  The
ratiocination reached its zenith with my Petchakutcha presentation I gave at the
Worcester Art Museum which still lurks somewhere on Youtube.
      Again, this time around, I've been painting for fourteen years.  My style has
segued from minimalist, moody abstracts, into bifurcated color fields, and when
given the opportunity to show at the Fruitlands Museum, shifted to landscapes
inspired by the Old New England with which the Devil, it was said, had more than a
passing acquaintance.
      Two separate buyers claimed the paintings they bought were haunted.  People
who had never met describing the same physical symptoms, dreams, sensations... I
think sometimes perhaps they are my most perceptive 'fans'.  They see things in the
paintings.  We never stray that far from out roots.
      Now I'm in another hiatus.  I got tired of the stalkers (yes, stalkers), and tired of
putting the art out there, sort-of exposing myself.  Done enough, for now.