Archive Pages:
1: Elysium, Strewn with the Dead
2: Echoes
3: Ceremony
4: These Moments in Time
5: The Wolf Tree
6: Solace for the Woman Close to Death
7: Places in Memory
8: Deep Waters
9: Bonfire of the Night
10: She Rains
11: Espíritus
12: Turner's Requiem
13: The Dying of the Light
14: Golgotha Remnant
15: Last Painting, Nadir, Second Cycle
16: No Pleasures Remain
17: In the Year of the Flood
18: Veil of Tears
19: Harvest
20: Drawing Closed the Gentle Remains
21: The Hollow
22: Naked Between Earth and Sky
23: What the Fire Stole from Us
24: Temporal
25: The Return
26: Soft Communication
27: Blue Opal Dream
28: The Hollow Men
As they will hear the laughter of the children they gave life, I will
know the torments of the song born under knife.
                                                     ~Roman Payne