SHOW HISTORY (continued)

55)  Nov '10: Festival of Light and Sound  at the Hotel
Vernon, Worcester.  Art, acoustic and electric bands,
spoken word poetry, one night only.

56)  Mar '11:  Wine, Beer, and Food Festival for
Rehabilitative Resources, Inc.

57)  July 2011:
 Broken.  Solo exhibition.

58)  Oct '11:  Ch
13 CCTV, Arts & Ideas with Sue

59)  Oct '11.  
The Last Bacchanal:  Art & Wine
at the Burrisworks Studio.

60)  Oct '11:  ArtsWorcester's Fire & Ice.

61)  Oct '11:  Donation to benefit the Boys & Girls Club
of Worcester.

62)  Oct '11: Cirque du Noir, Worcester Mass.

63)  Feb '12:  
Fire & Night.  Solo show, Davis
Gallery, Worcester Mass.

64)  July '12:  World Artists Network, Bridgeport Arts
Festival, Bridgeport CT.

65) Aug '12 to Jan '13:
Visceral Murmurs: Scott
Erb, Cynthia Woehrle and Brian Burris, opening Aug
2012.  The Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, Mass.

66) Oct '12: Cirque du Noir V, to benefit the Worcester
County Food Bank.

  • Burrisworks studio closed, Dec 2012

67)  Feb '13: Grand Opening, World Artist Network
Space.  Fairfield CT.

68)  Oct '13: ArtsWorcester 'Art on the Line'.  Works on

69)  Oct '13: Cirque, to benefit the County Food Bank..

70) Dec '13: ArtsWorcester: 'Creatures, Imaginary &
Real'.  Aurora Gallery.

71) June 2014: Worcester Art Museum’s Auction Gala,
A Renaissance Celebration.

72) June '14:
Paintings from the Other Side
of Night.
 Worcester Cultural Coalition, 'Worcester
Pop-up' in conjunction with Revolution Institute,
Technocopia, and Worcester Filmworks, 10 pieces.

73) Sept '14: 'Value Pack' with Scott Boilard, Don
Hartman, J-Me Johnson, Michelle May, John Buron &
Jonnie Coutu, at the Sprinkler Factory, Worcester Mass.

74) Oct '14: Cirque du Noir, to benefit the County Food
Bank: 'With Every Separation the Darkness Grows
(Copper Moon)'.

75) March '15: Unum, corporate installation.

76) April '15: 'Red', The Sprinkler Factory, Worcester,

77)  June '15: ArtRaiser, the Sprinkler Factory,

78)  Sept '15: at The Muse, Worcester.

79)  Sept '15: The Davis Gallery, 'InVision'.  Juried.

80) Oct '15: 'Out of the Dark', Clark University.

81) Oct '15: Cirque du Noir 2015, the Sprinkler Factory,

82) Dec '15:  
Concept & Gestation. Works by
Ann Rainey & Brian Burris, with singer Mali from
Jaggery performing,  The Sprinkler Factory, Worcester

83) Feb '16: 'Cirque-Mstantial' Evidence, Sprinkler
Factory, Worcester.

84) Feb '16: A Night in Blue, Sprinkler Factory,

85) Oct '18: Cirque du Noir XI.

86) May '19: Voyages of Exploration.  International