1)  Fall '02 thru Dec '05: Worcester Artist's Group
(WAG), multiple shows.

2)  Spring '04: Sprinkler Factory Open House:
Works  The Abattoir.  Live painting session with
Daniel Ceglinski.  Worcester, Mass.                   

3)  Dec '05:  The Gallery at Harlow Street,
in December.'
  Worcester, Mass.

4)  Feb '06: in association with the WAG & Kelly
Morello, exhibition and donation of 'remote ways' for
auction, to benefit Abby's House.

5)  Feb '06: in The Well,
No Pleasures
 Works 2000 to 2006.  14 sold.

6)  Mar '06: 'Isolate Machine' donated for auction to
benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester.

7)  Jun '06:  (in association with ArtsWorcester),
'Worcester Windows.' Exhibiting in the Worcester
Telegram & Gazette building.

8)  Summer 2006: installation, acrylic on Mylar
collaborative pieces with Daniel Ceglinski, Café
Creme, Bath, Maine.

9)  July '06:  The Gallery at Harlow Street,
'the Naked and the Nude II.'  

10)  July '06:  ArtsWorcester
'Hot Times in the City.'

11)  Sept '06: (in association with stART on the
Street), CC Lowell gallery.

12)  Sept '06:  Worcester Artists Group (WAG)
Autumn Second Annual Juried Show.

13)  Oct '06:  
Reconceived Symmetry  
solo exhibit, Naked Art Gallery, Northampton Mass
(in conjunction with Northampton's Art Walk).

14)  Nov '06
'Fire and Ice 2006.'  ArtsWorcester

15)  Nov '06: Worcester Artists Group, Winter
Members' Showcase.

16)  Dec '06: Installation, Unum Provident,
Worcester Mass.

17)  Jan '07:
Variations on
 Solo exhibit/installation and
gallery debut show, Salisbury Hall Art Gallery,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  

18)  April ’07:  ArtsWorcester Biennial Juried

19)  April ’07: Installation, Unum Provident,

20)  May ’07: Worcester Windows/ArtsWorcester,
Bank of America, Worcester.

21)  June ’07: Private exhibition,  Salisbury Hall Art
Gallery, WPI, Worcester Mass.

22)  June ’07: in conjunction with ‘Art 4 stART’,
the Traina Center, Clark University, Worcester.

23)  July ’07: ArtsWorcester,
'A Cool Breeze.'  
Summer Member's Exhibition.

  • Aug '07: ArtsWorcester's Board of Directors.

24)  Sept '07: Mechanic's Hall, 150th Anniversary
Open House, Worcester Mass.

25)  Oct '07:
'Honoring Memory','  Gallery 181,
Lawrence Mass. (juried).

26)  Nov '07: ArtsWorcester '
Fire & Ice 2007.'

27)  Nov '07: Art House 2007 Art Auction, Brattle
Theater, Harvard Square, Cambridge Mass.

28)  Dec '07: show, '
the Worcester Contemporary
Worcester Free Public Library.

29)  Dec '07: d.Art Gallery,
'Winter Solstice,'  
Northampton Mass.

30)  March '08: the Aurora Gallery, '
Shifting Gears--
Worcester 1889.'
 Juried exhibition.

31)  April '08:
"Mirror, Mirror--on the Wall."  
Goddard House.

32)  June '08:  
Immolation: The Paintings
of Daniel Ceglinski and Brian Burris
Collaborative and individual works.  At the Aurora
Gallery, Worcester, Mass.

33)  July '08.
 'Pins & Needles'  (the skin show).

34)  July '08:  Human Tragedy: A Show
of Six
.  Office of the Mayor, City Hall, Worcester.

35)  Aug '08: at Unum, through ArtsWorcester's
Corporate Art Loan Program, Worcester.

36)  Aug '08: Worcester Windows, Union Station,

37)  Aug '08 through Oct '10: pieces carried at the
Dzian Gallery, Water Street, Worcester, Mass.

38)  Oct '08:
'Fire and Ice 2008.'  ArtsWorcester.

39)  Nov '08:
'20 Artists of Worcester,'  Davis
Gallery, Worcester.

40)  Mar '09:  
the Vital Substance.  Selected
works.   River Acupuncture, 65 James St, suite 207,
Worcester, Mass.

41)  Mar '09: '
Moments of Grace,'  ArtsWorcester
Aurora Gallery.

42)  April '09:
and open studio, sponsored by ArtsWorcester.

43)  April '09:  Unum, Worcester.

44)  June-Oct '09:
Empty Landscapes,
Silent Halls
.  Solo installation of works at the
Gallery of Art at the Hadley (GArtH), Worcester.

45)  Oct '09: Fire & Ice 2009.  Exhibition and silent
auction, Aurora Gallery, ArtsWorcester.

46)  Jan '10: PechaKucha Night #3, Worcester Art
Museum.  Slides & oral presentation.

47)  Mar '10: Hearts for the Arts 2010, Worcester
Educational Development Foundation for
Worcester Public Schools.

48)  May '10:
Hangin' on the Wall,  ArtsWorcester's
Aurora Gallery.

49)  Aug '10: Crompton Place Artist's Collective,

50)  Oct '10:  
Bacchanal of Art & Wine.   
Open Studio.  Live painting session with twelve
prominent Worcester artists.

51)  Oct '10:
Fire & Ice: Aurora Gallery,

52) Oct '10:
Grand Opening, Wagner's Mercedes-
Benz of Shrewsbury.

53) Oct '10:  
Arts in the Afternoon.  Donating  'The
Bacchanal' to benefit the Boys & Girls club of

54) Oct '10:
Impromptu: a show of studies.  The
Futon Company, Worcester.
photo Donna DuFault   
PechaKucha, Worcester Art Museum   
Scott Erb photo   
head exploding: still from Traum   
from The Last Bacchanal   
from the studio portraits series   

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